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• Using novel ideas and technologies, in accordance with ISO55000, with the assistance of reputable experts in equipment maintenance as well as asset management for meeting customer needs and realizing Allin’s Vision Plan.

The acceleration of economic trends in today’s world and the need for enhancement of productivity have encouraged firm owners and beneficiaries to use the appropriate technologies so that they can achieve the desired purposes in such a dynamic, competitive environment. Utilizing up-to-date software and hardware technologies, Allin Group has taken a great step in collaboration with enterprises to achieve their goals. Use of university professors’ and industry professionals’ expertise has enabled Allin Group to develop a software application in accordance with the needs of industrial enterprises for asset management (ISO55000). Furthermore, Allin Group’s twenty years of global experience in industry demonstrates that software is independently unable to provide the required productivity for an enterprise. Therefore, Allin Group presents its asset management solutions as a package composed of the evaluation, training, consultation, establishment, and software steps. The following video provides you with more information in that regard.

Undoubtedly, the best inputs can lead to the best outputs.

Fine and reliable outputs can be achieved through accurate, fast, and automated data collection accompanied by human error prevention. Better decisions can then be made, and higher productivity can be expected. In fact, better results are produced by the software systems which present simple data input procedures and benefit from the highest level of automation. Contemplating beyond processes can be very productive.

Serial warehouse management

The inputs and outputs of industrial enterprises are mainly processed through warehouses. Since a warehouse is the link between suppliers and consumers, it is the most important portal connecting the outside information of an enterprise to its inside

Maintenance and repair management

This process is vital to all enterprises, and goals are impossible to achieve without it. Different sections of this process must be automated so that human resources can have the best productivity

Identification, identity document, indexing

Identification is the most fundamental step in the asset management process. The entire system is based upon identification, which might even be considered to have the most pivotal role in data validation. If identification is conducted accurately

Asset classification and valuation

In conventional viewpoints, the value of a commodity was the same as its price. However, price is considered an asset parameter in modern views. The asset role affects processes; likewise, organizational services affect the asset value to an organization

Risk management of assets

Preventive measures must be taken to keep the assets available and safe. Risk identification and analysis of potential harms to assets can help organize a preventive plan and manage risk




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Allin EAM Products

Experiences has shown in an industrial and specialized projects, a single product won't have the best efficiency. For example software have an important role in running systems. So without required knowledge we can't have a desired effect. Therefore, the general Allin EAM strategy of asset management has designed a product in five dimensions that run all aspects of projects together.

ارزیابی مدیریت دارایی
Asset Management Assessment

In the implementation of an asset management system in an enterprise, the most important prerequisite is to have sufficient data and information regarding the current …

آموزش های تخصصی
Specialized training

Undoubtedly, the members of an enterprise have knowledge and abilities that can meet the typical needs of that enterprise; however, the learning process can be delayed or…

استقرار مؤثر
Effective Implementation

Every role, played by an individual in an enterprise, has specific daily and routine activities. Hence, the projects requiring prolonged expert activities can make an enterprise…

مشاوره مديريت دارايي
Asset Management Consultation

It takes years to employ knowledge and experience in industries. Allin Group’s professors and professionals act as your consultants to establish the asset management project…

نرم افزار مدیریت دارایی عالين
Allin Asset Management Software

Allin asset management software includes a collection of specialized subsystems developed through three years of hard work by the professors and professionals having more than twenty…

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Our Vision:

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to help conserve land resources by enhancing productivity in the management of personal and organizational assets.

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